Big Dogs found @ Ft. Funston

Bumped into this pack of friendly Bernese Mountain doggies on the bluff the other day.  They were enjoying themselves at Funston after a ride on the Big Dog Bus!  They were big, big dogs with lots of smiles to go around!  Big_Dog_Bus_Bernese

Pink Barnacle catches a ride

This Pink Barnacle made its home atop an agreeable Sand Dollar, which was then found at Ft. Funston.  Such a circular carpool companion for the pinkest of barnacles way out west. Ride ’em Pink Barnacle!  YeeeeeHawww!

Beach Strawberry finds a way

Beach Strawberry finds a way

Infrastructure at Ft. Funston is slowly giving way to the enduring force of nature as the area is reclaimed by the dunes, plants and animals living there. This Beach Strawberry finds a break in the roadway and is off and running! Kind of amazing, something so delicate can find it’s way through the cement and asphalt left behind after the military base was closed.