Black sands and plastic found

@FtFunston. With fairer sands resting offshore for the season, these black sands at Ft. Funston provide a stark background for the abstract scattering of bite size plastic. 


Snowy Plovers found at Fort Funston

Snowy Plovers found at Fort Funston

Snowy Plovers spend a good part of the year in the Bay Area. Designated an endangered species throughout California, Oregon and Washington these unique denizens of the tideline find plenty to eat on the shores of Ft. Funston. Ocean Beach and Crissy Field are home to much of the Snowy Plover community in San Francisco. These birds are of the Western Snowy Plover branch of the Snowy Plover family. (Charadrius alexandrines nivosus) Living year around from Oregon to Baja California and wintering on the Sea of Cortez and south, possibly as far as Panama. With breeding grounds that include the Norther Sierras, Great Salt Lake, and the states of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Also, according to the following map, a group is living year round in the Caribbean!