Found @ Ft. Funston 

Hits the road to find what’s out there in the big, wide world. Lately Interstate 5, north to Oregon has been an actual road I’ve been traveling. 

Things catch your eye at 75 miles per hour, like these sunflowers, appearing as though imaged from a speeding auto on “The 5”, as my Los Angelino native wife would say. 

Truth is I took a ton of images of sunflowers after pulling off The 5 and locating this field, about 10 minutes after exiting.  

This particular image, the only one like it out of dozens, was an accident that I didn’t delete while editing on the spot. Glad I didn’t. 

Sunflowers in the abstract along the I-5.


Yellow Bush Lupine found at Ft. Funston

Yellow Bush Lupine found at Ft. Funston

Yellow Lupine grows happily on the dunes at Ft. Funston. A fixer of nitrogen in the soil, Yellow Lupine allows exotics to thrive to the detriment of native plants adapted to low nitrogen soils. While vibrant and golden and offering a pleasing tone to the landscape, Yellow Lupine is not to be judged by it’s cover.