Black sands and plastic found

@FtFunston. With fairer sands resting offshore for the season, these black sands at Ft. Funston provide a stark background for the abstract scattering of bite size plastic. 


Big Dogs found @ Ft. Funston

Bumped into this pack of friendly Bernese Mountain doggies on the bluff the other day.  They were enjoying themselves at Funston after a ride on the Big Dog Bus!  They were big, big dogs with lots of smiles to go around!  Big_Dog_Bus_Bernese

Pink Barnacle catches a ride

This Pink Barnacle made its home atop an agreeable Sand Dollar, which was then found at Ft. Funston.  Such a circular carpool companion for the pinkest of barnacles way out west. Ride ’em Pink Barnacle!  YeeeeeHawww!

Surf line of bite size plastic

Found @ Ft. Funston.  Winter storms wash the streets clean of all sorts of things.  City looks nice, but the beach suffers, along with all the critters that call the intertidal zone at Ft. Funston home.  If people could see what their careless actions lead to, perhaps they would decide against tossing that ciggy butt into the street, or throwing that styrofoam cup (they still make those???) out their car window.  plastic_surf_line

Goose Neck barnacles catch a ride

Goose Barnacles catch a ride

This small colony of Goose Neck Barnacles made camp on a discarded water bottle. Which then washed up on the beach at Ft. Funston, presenting a moral quandary. Save the barnacles by tossing the plastic bottle back in the surf? Or remove the plastic waste from the ocean and cause the demise of this group of Lepas anserifera? Is this how we evolve?