Seriously, this was good, again. 

I’ve returned to the scene of the sublime. Back for a @HopValley Red. And, of course, the Grilled Honey Bacon Apple and Cheese sando of lore @OberonsTavern in @cityofashland Oregon. Green apples with cheddar and honey bacon grilled inside sour dough bread, drizzled with house made balsalmic vinegar. Come to @cityofashland enjoy the @osfashland and revel in the exquisitely hand carved Shakespeare verses lovingly applied atop an ancient Oregon slab of pine. OK, the pine part and verse deal is true, the hand carved part, I mean, come on…

Big Dogs found @ Ft. Funston

Bumped into this pack of friendly Bernese Mountain doggies on the bluff the other day.  They were enjoying themselves at Funston after a ride on the Big Dog Bus!  They were big, big dogs with lots of smiles to go around!  Big_Dog_Bus_Bernese

Pink Barnacle catches a ride

This Pink Barnacle made its home atop an agreeable Sand Dollar, which was then found at Ft. Funston.  Such a circular carpool companion for the pinkest of barnacles way out west. Ride ’em Pink Barnacle!  YeeeeeHawww!